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At Transview, we build transformative cloud-based ERP and logistics support platforms designed specifically for large distribution centers in the chemical and metals industries. Untether your business from the limitations of traditional and legacy ERPs and unleash your potential with our ground-breaking technology. We are metals professionals and we understand your business. Discover what is possible.

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Transview’s Glass TMS suite is unique among load planning and routing software. This is the only software that optimizes on total cost, not just fewest miles traveled and integrates the many special requirements related to load planning. We looked for a long time before we found Glass TMS. We specialize in working with many chemical distributors that offer a wide variety of products, many of which are hazardous and require special handling. Glass TMS has been custom developed to support chemical distributors special needs i.e. extensive LTL, mini bulk and tanker load shipping. Overall great capabilities using modern technology at an affordable price – hard to beat!
Fred Wookey, President Management Results, Inc Company Logo
Transview is amazing and they save us a ton of money.  They took our ancient ERP system and absolutely transformed it with the addition of their load planning and routing engine.  Now we manage our fleet with the help of artificial intelligence so that we automatically route around traffic and tolls; we maximize every route for weight, number of stops, and loading requirements, and we automatically comply with regulatory issues like drive time limits, product non-compatibility, and commercial vehicle routings.  They do a great job, have great software and are great to work with.  Two thumbs up!
President, Multiple-location Metals Service Center
Our project with Transview has been a great success.  They were able to integrate directly to our Chempax ERP with minimal effort on our part and their software helps us do a much better job of managing our fleet.  Their routing platform is impressive and very adaptable, helping us make sure we are in compliance with chemical-specific regulatory issues like product non-compatibility, food-grade product separation, DOT route time limits and hazmat compliant routes.  The company is great to work with - high integrity and solid results.  Very happy to endorse them!
Andrew Tuttle, CFO Viking Chemical Company

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Transview pairs boots-on- the-ground industry experience with modern, progressive software development to delivery intuitive and sophisticated solutions for distribution centers.

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