Headlight Freight

Increase competition for your freight business

Bidding and Transparency in Freight and Logistics

Stop wasting time and energy calling and emailing your carriers. Headlight’s private bidding process allows users to invite their qualified drivers to bid on routes resulting in substantially improved pricing. Headlight’s intuitive process captures bid times and prices, confirmations, pickup commitments and more, creating a single-point of reference for all your jobs for future auditing and review purposes. Simply post your jobs and watch the bids roll in – no more phone calls, emails, or voice messages, simply faster, easier freight.

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Online Load Bidding

Increased Competition for your Loads Reduces Costs 10-15%

Private Load Board

Only Invite Qualified Drivers to Bid on Your Loads

Proof of Delivery

Automatically and Electronically Capture Proofs of Delivery

Easy Auditing & Account

Electronic Records Makes Invoice Auditing Simple

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Competitive & Safe Bidding

HeadlightFreight is a modern, intuitive web application built specifically to address the needs of metals service centers in the freight booking process. Headlight is your company’s own private load board and freight management systems allowing the user to capture the benefits of competitive bidding without the frustration of dealing with unknown or untrusted carriers. You control who sees your loads and is allowed to bid, and Headlight handles the rest.

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Transview pairs boots-on- the-ground industry experience with modern, progressive software development to delivery intuitive and sophisticated solutions for distribution centers.

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