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A modern solution for legacy systems

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Glass Steel is Transview’s full-featured, cloud-based ERP built specifically for metals service centers. Unlike traditional terminal-based ERP systems that are hosted on-site, Glass requires no new hardware and no major migrations. Keep your data and implement Glass to unleash your potential with zero downtime and zero risk.

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Easy No-Interruption Adoptions

Zero-Downtime, Zero-Risk Implementations

Complete Legacy ERP Overhaul

Don’t Change your ERP – Turbocharge it

100% Cloud-based, 100% Mobile Ready

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Intuitive Web-Based Interface

Sophisticated Functionality. Simple User Experience.

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Infinitely flexible solution

Glass Steel does so much more than just sales order entry or AR/AP management. Traditional legacy ERPs are limited to basic business functions: managing inventory, quoting orders, etc. But Glass Steel’s modern architecture is infinitely flexible and allows us to do far more interesting things: Ever dreamed of being able to see mill inventories alongside our own inventory? How about an optimal way to automatically sort and route trucks? What about quickly converting emails to quotes without ever keying in a part number? With Glass Steel, service centers have intuitive solutions for common problems that aren’t addressed in any other system.

Highlighted Features

From inventory to accounting to warehouse management, Glass Steel does it all – and so much more. We can’t show you everything (contact a salesperson for a demo), but imagine a complete ERP solution built with features like the ones highlighted below. It’s a game-changer.

About Us

Transview pairs boots-on- the-ground industry experience with modern, progressive software development to delivery intuitive and sophisticated solutions for distribution centers.

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