Optimized loadings Optimized routings Optimized profits

Drive fewer miles,
Ship fewer trucks

BuildMyLoads solves the sorting and routing problem for good – and saves a ton of money in the process. If your company is routing trucks by hand or using a routing platform that doesn’t consider alternative loading combinations, you’re leaving money on the table. BuildMyLoads is based on cutting-edge emergent artificial intelligence technology, quickly generating the optimal combination of both loadings and routings that result in the fewest numbers of miles driven, driver hours paid, and trucks shipped, reducing overall freight costs by up to 30%. Ask us to prove it.

Build My Loads Desktop 2

Total Freight Savings up to 30%

Optimized Loads Require Fewer Trucks Driving Fewer Miles and Hours

Comply with Regulations

Integrated Traffic Data Ensures Routes Won’t Exceed DOT Time Limits

Eliminate Time in Dispatch

Save Hours with Automated Load Building

Address Real-World Shipping Constraints

Factor in Delivery Windows, Backhauls, Transfers, and more

Build My Loads

BuildMyLoads is a simple, web-based platform that doesn’t require any integration with your system. Instead, simply upload your sales orders and BuildMyLoads will sort and route your loads within seconds eliminating hours of work. BuildMyLoads routes comply with DOT 11-hour time limits and account for traffic, outbound legs, stop time, and return-to-base time. Geared specifically for the metals industry, BuildMyLoads addresses common delivery constraints such as delivery windows, products that cannot be shipped together or that must be loaded first and shipped last, varying truck capabilities and more. BuildMyLoads will even include transfers, backhauls, and pickups in a daily shipping program, reducing deadheads and empty backhauls, dramatically increasing truck utilization rates and reducing cost.

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